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These Days | Poem

These Days

With the end of the world comes many realisations -

what you can fit in your mouth, you can fit in your hand

there is a difference between a fist and a heart

they are the same size but

when you punch through a chest you kill something

when you can feel your heartbeat in your feet

you have felt something whether it is true or not

you were there when it happened you survived

you threw yourself at the wall for days and you survived

you circled the empty cage like a starving tiger and you survived

you were lobotimised and torn open for scrap and you survived

it's interesting how much the body wants to live

on days like these when the sirens wail out for the end

and you come to terms with what you have been left with

I hope you have come to a similar realisation -

these days your skull is the best home to have