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Bury Your Gays and Resurrect Them Again: 5 Queer Horror Films To Watch This Halloween

Oh hey! I've been away for a while. Had a bit of breakdown and hit a major depressive episode in which I could not get myself to write. I have been around, mostly working on my podcast and trying to be a normal human being again. This very much implies that I was one in the first place which has been hotly debating and regularly debunked. But I have returned for Halloween. 'Tis in fact the season. I've started doing this thing on my side twitter where I create a recommendations thread for Halloween because I love horror films and I want to recommend films people might not have seen. Last year, I did a list of films directed by women . This year, it's the gays . Horror is an excellent genre to explore queer issues because life is a nightmare and queerness is often viewed as inherently abject (particularly recently).  I'll link my full list here  but for now, here are 5 films you should watch celebrate the spooky season: The 4th Man (1983, directed by Paul Verhoeven)