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To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (1995) | Review

This review is going to contain minor spoilers of the film discussed  so if you wanted to watch it and feel like this would ruin the experience for you, then here is your warning to stop reading and go and watch the film. * It can seem, if you don't interact with the LGBT community much, that drag culture just popped into existence. That it was invented by RuPaul and that it's purpose is to entertain mass audiences. I'm not a historian and I don't plan on preaching on the long history of drag competitions, of drag queens and gender fuckery, or its appropriation in the mainstream. There are people who are much more informed who can do that for me . What I do want is to highlight is the state of queer film during the 90s, how much of it gained a cult status with queer audiences. I'm thinking along the lines of Gregg Araki, Cheryl Dunye and Gus Van Sant. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar  (1995)   fits neatly into this, displaying drag culture out in t

For the Love of God, Marie! | Review

This review is not going to contain spoilers but it's going to talk about the book in detail  so if you wanted to read it and feel like this would spoil it for you, then here is your warning to stop reading this and go and read the book.  * I had this graphic novel recommended to me by a creator on Youtube I like a lot, Scarf Demon , and I trusted her opinion because she's a literal artist. And now, it's my favourite graphic novel and has been for quite a few years now. Throughout my life, I've been collecting small segments of queerness, whether it's films, TV shows or books that I can revisit when I need comfort, and their quality doesn't necessarily matter so much as how they have influenced the way I look at myself  and whether they've made me feel better about my identity when real people in my life didn't. I suppose that's what fiction is for, at least for me - providing a detailed window of the life you want. For The Love of God, Marie!  is a

5 Films You Should Watch To Celebrate Pride 2021

Happy Pride 2021! Whether you're out or not, I hope this month brings you lots of joy and you are able to celebrate with other people in the community. Whilst my country still seems to struggle with acknowledging trans people's rights and has also yet to ban conversion therapy, I still feel there is reason to celebrate, if not just to acknowledge the work LGBT activists of the past have done to make sure queer and trans people can be out and proud. There is a long way to go but there is always hope. To celebrate, I thought I'd give you a small watchlist of LGBT films to check out over the month of June. I hope that this will shine a light on some queer filmmakers that you may not have heard of and that these films offer you actual, complex representation.  Duck Butter (2018) Source: IMDb From its ratings, this doesn't appear to be a very popular film with anyone. I, however, really like it. Written by Alia Shawkat, a bisexual actress, it follows two women who decide th