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Petite Maman (2021) | Review

Source: Broadway Cinema Petite Maman (2021) follows Nelly as she copes with the death of her grandmother by bonding with her mother, Marion. The film takes on a fantastical quality as Nelly is seemingly able to talk to a young version of her mother in a house that looks a lot like her grandmother's house. With the film never explaining how she came to do this, Nelly repeatedly returns and as a result, begins to understand her own grief, as well as her mother's. The film acts a cathartic fantasy, where a child is able to easily heal their parents of their pain, where they are able to live on the same level, for a short while, as the carer rather than the cared for. The fact that we don't know if this is Marion or Nelly's fantasy seems intentional. The film doesn't ask us to rationalise the events of the film, but rather feel the way grief completely changes the worlds of these characters. For Marion, she reverts to her childhood self as a way to spend more time her