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(Some Of) My Favourite Disturbing Movies

I've have had excruciating writer's block due to depression and just general exhaustion so I'm doing an easy post where I don't have to do research and just get to state my opinions. I want to talk about some films that have made me feel viscerally ill, have made me hide my head behind a pillow and have stuck with me hours after watching them, usually for a bad reason. Last year, I wanted to do a fully comprehensive piece on the appeal of disturbing cinema but it never really came together, despite my research and effort, and I was really disappointed because I do feel I have a lot to say about what I personally find disturbing and why I often like films in spite of this.   We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011) No one does quiet brutality like Lynne Ramsey and her interpretation of the novel of the same name manages to unnerve me in a different way every time I watch it. On some watches, it's the deathly fear of motherhood or even worse, failing at said task and being