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10 Sex Comedies To Watch If Your Summer Went As Poorly As Mine

I'm very bad at having fun. Experiencing joy is not one of my strongest traits. But I do know how to cheer myself up - watching a movie. Now, the main reason I chose to make a list of sex comedies is because it's a sub-genre that far too many people hate. And I get it. I wrote a whole post about the mess of the traditional sex comedy . But I get a lot of comfort from them, mainly because I struggle to talk about sex myself so when a piece of art is very candid about it, I get very invested. I like sex comedies in particular because they hinge on you not taking them seriously. On laughing at the messy moments of sexuality and at yourself for taking it all so seriously. I didn't have a good summer if I'm being honest, for a variety of reasons. Having depression is hard. Being queer in an increasingly antagonistic country is hard. Change, most of all, is very hard for me. So, in moments of stress, I watch movies and I make lists.  The Sessions (2012, directed by Ben Lewin