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5 Films You Should Watch To Celebrate International Women's Day 2022

Women's films are often left out of those lists you see going around of  ' 100 Greatest Films of All Time ' or ' 1001 Films To See Before You Die ', with only 5% of films directed by women being included in the latter. It's true that female directors have often been shut out of the film industry and struggle to get a second feature . All of the above means it's integral to preserve and commend excellent cinema created by women. To celebrate this International Women's Day, I've created a short watchlist of films directed (or co-directed) by women that I think are brilliant in terms of genre and important in terms of cultural significance. Children of Shatila (dir. by Mai Masri, 1999) Source: Mubi This documentary follows the displaced Palestinian refugees occupying the Shatila camp, focusing on the children who had been affected by the massacre that occurred a decade earlier. The director gave the children cameras and allowed them to film their surro