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Why Eraserhead (1977) Actually Is David Lynch's Most Spiritual Film

In a 2007 interview with BAFTA , David Lynch described his first feature film, Eraserhead (1977), as his 'most spiritual film'. When asked to elaborate, he said no, causing the audience to laugh at his bluntness. This would eventually become a meme format, still used today, in response to making outlandish statements and refusing the clarify. Lynch is a deliberately obtuse director when it comes to the meaning behind his films, stating in the same interview that he has given the audience the tools to decipher the film in it, and that he has no more work to do as an artist once the film has been released. As an audience member, I do really love the idea that it's up to me to pull apart what the filmmaker was trying to convey, what they wanted me to feel, and I think this small nugget, this notion of spirituality in the film is a good place to start when trying to explain what Eraserhead is 'about'. He won't give a definitive answer. Neither will I. But I will t