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What We Have, We Share: Democratising Art in Zine Culture

I created this blog as a portfolio. That was the original goal. To have a place for my writing that wasn't just essays for uni. To write movie reviews and do blog challenges. I've done this in many iterations, making essentially the same blog over and over again. I made my first blog on Blogger, I want to say, around 2013, after reading about blogging in Shout magazine. I can't actually remember what it was called or what I put there because I deleted it out of embarrassment for my teenage writing which is a shame because it would have been nice to reflect on my previous work). From there, I posted poetry on YouTube, after being inspired by the online slam poetry community. I have since privated those videos because I think I have created things of much better quality since then. I write on Twitter and Tumblr from time to time, a form of micro-blogging that I have a love/hate relationship with.  My point here isn't to show my plight as a writer but show the various ways

Poor Little Rich Girl | Poem

  Poor Little Rich Girl (after Edie Sedgwick) Poor little rich girl a muse of flesh               and miniskirt quaking youth                rising sun girl born to white heat          all naked heart of gold                   scratching the  back of her throat           looking for pennies Poor little rich girl an extra                          small cameo lying in bed                    at sundown applying lipstick            grey it keeps smudging          reapply it’s ersatz silver              this time Poor little rich girl like a rolling stone         like death both abandoned              yet replayed at the movies                  eyes of paint handful of downers        and then nowhere                          all flesh      all open Poor little rich girl say goodbye to               Manhattan The Superstars               him and his fifteen minutes handful of downers        and then   nowhere                         don’t    forget     to           breathe still avant-garde

September 2020 Favourites

There is a brief mention of sexual assault in this post. Though nothing graphic is said, I thought it would be a good idea to give a little warning beforehand. Keep yourselves safe x * So September was basically nothing. It didn't feel like a month no matter how much I tried to journal or keep up with the news. Just one big mush where nothing happened. Even in terms of posting here, I fell in and out of a depression, meaning it took a full month for me to research and write up a post regarding J.K. Rowling , which, fun fact, originally wasn't even going to be about her. I was planning on just writing about hero worship in general and criticise people who use separating the art from the artist as a way to alleviate their own guilt. J.K. Rowling just kept popping up in the news, on Twitter, in my YouTube recommendations. I couldn't not talk about her.  I am very proud of that post. How it came out made me sound all smart and stuff. The amount of work I put it was reflected in