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Poor Little Rich Girl | Poem

 Poor Little Rich Girl

(after Edie Sedgwick)

Poor little rich girl

a muse of flesh               and miniskirt

quaking youth                rising sun girl

born to white heat          all naked

heart of gold                   scratching the 

back of her throat           looking for pennies

Poor little rich girl

an extra                          small cameo

lying in bed                    at sundown

applying lipstick            grey

it keeps smudging          reapply

it’s ersatz silver              this time

Poor little rich girl

like a rolling stone         like death

both abandoned              yet replayed

at the movies                  eyes of paint

handful of downers        and then

nowhere                          all flesh      all open

Poor little rich girl

say goodbye to               Manhattan

The Superstars               him and his fifteen minutes

handful of downers        and then  

nowhere                         don’t    forget     to           breathe

still avant-garde             in speech               just say action