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These Days | Poem

These Days With the end of the world comes many realisations - what you can fit in your mouth, you can fit in your hand there is a difference between a fist and a heart they are the same size but when you punch through a chest you kill something when you can feel your heartbeat in your feet you have felt something whether it is true or not you were there when it happened you survived you threw yourself at the wall for days and you survived you circled the empty cage like a starving tiger and you survived you were lobotimised and torn open for scrap and you survived it's interesting how much the body wants to live on days like these when the sirens wail out for the end and you come to terms with what you have been left with I hope you have come to a similar realisation - these days your skull is the best home to have

Film Challenge: Black History Month (UK) 2020

There is a chance you were unaware that October was Black History Month in the UK, because so I was. I came up with this challenge after realising this was the case - to watch at least 20 films made by and/or starring black people. I am a bit ashamed that I had to call this a challenge at all. Surely, my watching patterns would include black centered narratives already?  When I could only come up with a couple of names of films to be part of this challenge by myself and had to consult various lists online, I knew this wasn't the case. The goal of this was not to appear like a good ally but rather just to enjoy cinema that I had maybe missed out on. If I came to understand some things I had been unaware of before, then I thought that would be an added bonus. I am happy to say that exceeded my goal of 20 films, something which I was able to document on Twitter and Letterboxd. I will link to the tweet thread and the full list with all of my in-the-moment reviews.  Here, I have decid