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And here we go again...

This blog post was written earlier this year and has been sitting in my drafts since. It still resonates with me which is why I am posting it. Currently, I have graduated university and I am looking for a job, hence why the feeling of uselessness that resonates so well with me. Being consistent seems futile at this point. It's been over two years and a blog that barely begun, ended abruptly and without anyone even noticing. Including me. Beginning projects like starting a blog seem like a fun idea, something to do in your free time, but then your free time turns into writing essays and lying upside down, head off the bed, scrolling through Twitter, which adds nothing to my life and just makes you angry. Writing is hard. Finding stuff to write about is hard. Finding time and energy to write about me and the things I like is very hard. I make excuses for myself all the time and call it 'writer's block'. A fairly common phrase that I actually do not think applies