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Magnolia (1999): Review

Troubled people make interesting characters. To look at the conflicts that trouble us all so deeply is to create a story that engages an audience on a psychological level. As humans, we want to see what is raw and vulnerable about people even if we're aware that the characters we're sympathising with are not wholly good people. To ease the insecurity that I am strange, I need to be shown that other people are also as fucked up as I believe I am. From a surface perspective, Magnolia (1999) portrays a series of objectionable characters doing things that many people would find unforgivable. Source: JoBlo I feel like I will struggle to describe this movie fully to anyone mainly because there is not one single plot going on. The events of the film are all occur over the course of a single night with different characters experiencing different troubles. For example, Claudia's story revolves around her relationship with her estranged father, her drug problem and the police office

My Poetry Collections

I'm a big fan of poetry and even write some myself. The collections I own have all influenced me in some way and made me see how each individual writer can use the medium diffferently. It would be impossible to boil down poetry to a single person hence the range of poets I have in my posession. It must be noted that these are simply the collections I own currently. I intend to buy more and expand my knowledge and enjoyment of this form of writing. Egghead or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone by Bo Burnham Source: OverDrive "The world was much crueler an hour ago. I'm glad someone decided to give flowers a go." I found Bo Burnham the way most people did: through his stand-up comedy. He was engaging and intelligent, presenting comedy to an audience in a way that I definitely had not seen before, so when I found out he was also a published poet, I was excited. He managed to translate both morbid and silly humour into the poetry form with a clear influence Shel S

District 9 (2009): Review

In theory, sci-fi films interest me. I think the idea that writers and filmmakers being able to tackle real world issues and offer social commentary under the guise of other planets and aliens is very interesting. What this allows is audiences being able to step outside of the real world and see how ridiculous and oppressive humanity can be. Like I said, in theory, this works. How this is translated onto the screen is an entirely different matter. Where sci-fi often fails for me is how often it devolves into a CGI mess with nothing of note to offer an audience outside a couple of well-choreographed action scenes. Just setting something in space and putting aliens in a film is not usually enough to draw me in, which is why I was sceptical of District 9 (2009). I didn't know a lot about it when I decided to watch it which is how I believe films should be watched. It meant I had no expectations and went in expecting the bare minimum of storytelling. Whilst I would been fine with a