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So, you decided to start a blog...

I have a lot of free time. This is mostly because it's summer, I finished my exams for uni in May and I currently don't have a job. It should probably also be noted that I'm not a very social creature, choosing to laze around my house instead of contacting my friends who would, without a doubt, force me into a social situation which I would ultimately enjoy. So, as stated prior, I currently have a lot of free time which I understand is a luxury some people would shoot their own mother over. It would be so simple to envy my days spent, eyes glazed over rewatching a shitty film that I don't even like or reading three pages in a book then rewarding myself by spending two hours on Twitter. To anyone in full time work, particularly during a heatwave, you must hate me. What I must explain to these people is that having nothing to do gets boring. I am someone who needs to feel important, like I'm improving a skill or learning something. However, without the structure of u