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Dethroning the Author: J.K Rowling and The Role of Our Heroes

This blog post has brief mentions of sexual assault and transphobia. If this affects you in any way, I won't be offended if you stop reading. Keep yourself safe. * Living in the world means having your heroes break your heart. This is a fact I have had to learn over and over. Many of my heroes are authors and as it turns out, they aren't always the best people. But I'm a masochist and I love art. I love loving creative works and there is nothing that is going to stop me from consuming as much as possible. However. The conversation about what we can like and who we can like has pushed itself to forefront of pop culture. The internet has allowed artists to become a personal part of our everyday lives, through social media, so the debate on whether we should support those people, especially if those people have terrible views or have done terrible things is rampant and confusing at times. It has become a function of how we consume art that we know who it is that created it. To

August 2020 Favourites

I'm posting this a bit after the end of August because I wanted to end the month with my birthday post. This month has gone extremely quickly. Then again, I do feel like I completely forgot what the start of this month even felt like. I looked at my Letterboxd diary and remembered just how many films I watched this month, ones that I remember watching but felt like I had watched ages ago. I'm not the first to say this but time truly is not real. It has not been a particularly productive month, though I'm glad of the consistent amount of posting that has been happening on this blog. A lot of research went into my post discussing whether reading classic literature is important for modern readers and I'm glad of how it turned out. I also posted a poem to my blog for the first time. One thing I can say has been my favourite this month is how into writing I've been.  I set up my Ko-fi so that I could maybe feel like this was work and not something I'm wasting my