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The Brutal Masculinity of Jackass

Source: IndieWire At the end of last year, after watching the initial Jackass Forever (2022) trailer, I found myself being sucked into a world that I had been shut out of due to the fact that I was an infant when the original show first entered the culture. I'd absorbed the general conceit of Jackass and was aware of its popularity throughout my teens to the present, but hadn't ventured into it for one main reason - I didn't want to ruin people's fun. Media from the early 2000s seems to, almost universally, age incredibly poorly, which might seem like a moot point, as most things age poorly with time, but there's something particularly special about how unfunny, cruel and ubiquitous this brand of MTV edgy humour was. I think it affects me more than, say, a politically incorrect 70s film would because it was created within  my  lifetime, when surely, we should have known better. Unfortunately, films and TV from this time contain a barrage of transphobia, ableism and