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An Alternate Discography of Kesha Rose | Poem

I'm unsure why I'm so anxious to post different kinds of writing to this blog. This is my blog and it's essentially just a portfolio of writing so any kind of writing should be worthy here, right? I thought I'd  post a poem here because that's actually the bulk of the writing I do. If you enjoyed it, please feel free to tip me on Ko-fi. Thanks x


An Alternate Discography of Kesha Rose


Milky pop princess/drawn through idle fingers like soft sand/what’s under my tongue?/a whole ocean?/INTERLUDE/I was dragged to suburbia with my spine undone/no eyes/no lips/the woman became a bear/the woman became a trapped animal/who’s still asking/‘what happened to the mother of this place?’


You watched me cannibalise myself/who am I now?/back-talk?/one full night?/no/I don’t need your drinks/or your money/if your drugs come near me/I’ll eat myself/and you/INTERLUDE/this began because I buried my heart beneath a pear tree/my cunt became a corpse/I became a girl left behind/who is she now?/can I go see where she was laid to rest?


Where is my brain?/how did I escape with my hands?/how crazy do I have to make myself?/INTERLUDE/I only want to disembowel you/I only want to haunt your past and present/I only want to be your memory/I want to be somewhere/where my skin is abstracted/through the softest light ever made 


I am not yours to break/I will not be a whisper of myself/I will not be trapped/they may talk me into nothing/but I will build myself as a church/they may only see me as her/but I will let her go/even if it hurts/I will find myself in men again/no longer abstract/I will not disappear/I will cause the flames/and will remain as more than dust this time