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22: A snapshot

Today is 30th August 2020. I am 22 years old.

I gave up on wearing make-up around September of last year because I wasn't good at it. Also I was waking up at 6 every morning to get the train to work and didn't want to add another task to my to-do list. 

My hair is long, all the way down my back and hasn't been cut in a long time. Which it probably needs. In general, I just ignore my split ends. I have a fringe. During the pandemic, I have been cutting it myself, which has been going okay. I actually manage to keep it fairly straight.

A show I enjoyed recently was Pose. I have been struggling to keep up with TV shows that I haven't already watched. I have been making the most of the Disney + subscription in our house and re-watching shows like Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverley Place. However, alongside this, I have been inching my way through Pose, a show about the ballroom scene in the 80s. It's beautiful and heartbreaking. It actually casts trans women to play trans women characters.

I currently live with my friend, Erin. I have mentioned her in other blog posts. We've been living together for over a year now and we annoy each other a lot. I love her so much. I like the house. It's not where I want to be living but it's fine for what it costs.

I've been spending most of days writing. Which is a lie. I've been spending most of my days mindlessly watching TV, mindfully watching films and not sleeping. In between this, I have been writing for this blog, editing my poetry to compile into a collection, trying to keep the living room clean, going food shopping two days a week and worrying about the future.

My skin care routine is non-existent. I used to wash my face every night before going to bed. And then I stopped. No particular reason as to why. I've been known to moisturise on occasion.

I would like to get tattoos eventually. I have some ideas of what I would like to get. Artwork based on song lyrics and poetry. Sometimes, I'm scared I'll just continue to say I'm going to do something and then never do it.

I shower once a day. If I've left the house, I'll shower as soon as I get back. But on an ordinary day, I'll shower around 6pm, after I've eaten.

I don't drink tea. This is not because I don't like tea. I just never feel compelled to drink it. I think this is because I used get up for work and not have time to make and drink tea. It would take too long to cool down. If I were to have tea, I would take no milk and two sugars. No coffee ever at anytime.

I only wear jeans and an actual bra when leaving the house. Other than that, I wear comfortable clothes. A sports bra. A vest. Leggings or pyjama bottoms. I have more clothes than I wear and many of them have holes in them. I need to throw them away.

I like pyjamas a lot. I think they are my favourite type of clothes. I will wear a pyjama set with either full length pants and a vest or t-shirt and shorts, depending on how warm it is.

I like to write at least once a day. I want to get back into journalling but I've discovered I kind of hate writing about myself. Bit ironic.

I try to read on the weekdays, every night before bed. I like it more than staring at my phone but sometimes I can't help myself.

My favourite item of clothing is my black 'why am i like this' t-shirt I bought at Orla's show last year.

I am currently worrying about my country but, selfishly, I am worrying about my mental health. I also worry about my family. I worry about not doing enough.

Tonight, I am planning to order Domino's for tea and I'm probably going to watch a film.


(I based this post off a Savannah Brown video she did in 2016 where she did a snapshot of her life. Here's a link if you fancy checking it out)