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Diary Entry of a Human: 10/07/2020

I can't say that this was an average day because it involved me putting a bed together. And yet, I promised to document to a day in the life. So here we are.

9.15am - I set my alarm for this time. Not the time I usually get up but my housemate had asked me to help her move some furniture out of her room. Her ex was coming to pick up some furniture for his new flat and she wanted it moving downstairs. However, I sat in bed checked Twitter before I got up.

9.30am - I actually got out of bed. I went to brush my teeth and then got dressed. Whilst I was brushing my hair, the ex arrived early. Said he would move the furniture himself, so I got back in bed and listened to some music for a bit. When he left, I ate my breakfast - a croissant which I put in the microwave.

11.30am - My housemate and I spent two hours putting together her new bed. We spent most of that time sliding the slats of the bed into their holes. She was very scared it would immediately fall apart once the mattress was put on - we had to pile up pillows under the bed frame to position the slats properly.

(So far the bed is okay. If her bed falls apart in the night, then I'm staying asleep.)

1.30pm - I made cheese and broccoli pasta and sat down to watch Recess (judgement please).

2.00pm - I moved some money into my savings account and began editing a post for this blog. I then made a start on this post.

3.00pm - I posted link of first blog post to Twitter and Tumblr.

3.30pm - I decided to find a bunch of blogs to follow which is particularly hard because writing a blog, like actually writing one, is a very early 2000s thing to do. Which is a shame because I am legitimately interested in reading other people's blogs.

3.45pm - I did some research and found potential articles and videos for a future post.

4.20pm - I checked Goodreads and Letterboxd for updates. I then went on Twitter for far too long. I went onto Etsy and bought some prints to stick on my wall.

(I'm building up an art wall in my room to try and make my room more homely. So far it's working.)

5pm - I put pizza in the oven for tea.

5.30pm - I watched Recess (again) and ate the pizza I made. Then, I did the washing up.

6.30pm - I went for a shower. It was nice.

7.30pm - 9pm - For the craic, I watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which is a film I haven't watched since I was 11.

9pm - Every Friday, my housemate and I usually do a quiz with her family. It was a tradition during the quarantine. Now that the lockdown has been eased in the UK, it has become less of a tradition. Instead, we just played some Jackbox games with my housemate's sister.

11pm - 1.30am - I had the idea that my housemate and I should create a collaborative playlist where we followed the 30 day challenge and each added a song. If you would like to listen to the playlist, here's the link.

3am - I went to bed about this time, which is pretty normal for me. My sleep routine has been fucked due to being off work for so long.

I should be back shortly with a post reflecting on how I've changed over the past two years. See you soon x